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alex 20 de December de 2022 0 Comments

Surges can cause significant financial losses by damaging electrical and electronic equipment, as well as causing time and stress. They can occur anywhere, but are more common outside of urban areas where the infrastructure may be more vulnerable. There are several ways to protect your home and equipment from surges, including installing surge protection equipment.

There are three main types of surge protection equipment:

  1. One-time protection devices, which are relatively cheap but not very convenient or effective. These devices offer protection from lightning and surges, but need to be replaced after each use.
  2. Semi-automatic protection devices, which are more expensive but offer the option to manually switch them on and off. These devices provide protection and then allow electricity to return to the house, providing protection again when needed.
  3. Automatic protection devices, which are the most expensive but also the most convenient. These systems automatically protect the house and then restore electricity when it is safe to do so.

Without protection, you could face significant financial losses. It is important to note that some construction companies may install cheaper equipment to meet government regulations, rather than to protect your home and equipment. If you want to ensure proper protection against surges, it is best to contact a professional for advice and installation.

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